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  • Weekend Getaways for the summer holidays

    Posted on November 21 2017

    With school holidays fast approaching it's always hard to keep the kids and family entertained for 7 or 8 weeks that they have off. We thought we will put together...

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  • 5 Healthy lunches for kids

    Posted on September 29 2017

    Here are some great healthy packed lunch ideas easy to take to the beach or family trips. These are 5 solutions for when you need a quick (yet solid) packed...

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  • Seaheaven's Favourite outdoor Activities with kids

    Posted on August 21 2017

    There’s so much adventure to be had in the great outdoors! When you have super active children, the activities outside need to be enough to wear them out. Here are...

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  • Seaheaven's Guide to Bali

    Posted on July 19 2017

       One of Seahavean’s favourite destinations is Bali, What Bali lacks in jet-age architecture and flashing lights, it makes up for in cultural depth and a tropical state of mind....

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  • How to find the right balance as a mum

    Posted on June 12 2017

    Do you sometimes find it hard being a mum and forget who you are? Being a mum can be hard work and demanding. We all have our low days, experience...

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  • Seaheaven's top 10 Australian Beaches

    Posted on May 02 2017

    Seaheaven’s top 10 beaches in Australia Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands It's a stunning saturation of sparkling turquoise and brilliant white. Whether you go for the birdseye view via helicopter or...

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  • Welcome to Seaheaven!

    Posted on February 15 2017

    Hi my name is Daniela and I'm the owner and founder of Seaheaven Swimwear. Seaheaven is a project very close to my heart as it started when I become a...

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