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Seaheaven's Favourite outdoor Activities with kids

Posted on August 21 2017

Seaheaven's Favourite outdoor Activities with kids
There’s so much adventure to be had in the great outdoors! When you have super active children, the activities outside need to be enough to wear them out. Here are 5 great fun activities you can enjoy with your children, whether it’s to get them away from their electronics or to burn off some of that energy.

1. go on a hike

There are so many beautiful hikes around Australia, as Seaheaven is based in Queensland we are more familiar with hikes around here. Our favourites are Mt Cootha, Noosa National Park, Burleigh Heads national park, Mt Coolum. The views are breathtaking, and just being in contact with nature will give you and your family a happy feeling. Its great way to bond with the family and the kids will love discovering the flora and fauna during the hike. 

2. Pick wild fruit

Picking your own fruit is such a fun day out, ending with a delicious snack of fresh fruit. Some farms offer a PYO (pick your own) fruit service or you can set off to find your own bramble bushes. Give each child a basket and off they go! You could even decide on a recipe to cook when you get home, using the fruit you’ve picked. Kids are more likely to eat something if they’ve helped make it.

3. Make a home for wildlife

The good thing about this activity is that it’s helping nature as well. Bees are needing our help more than ever. A good way to help the bees is to plant some flowers All you need for this is either a pot or patch of earth, compost and the flowers. The bees will love coming to your garden to take the pollen from them.

Frogs also need our help. There also has been a decline in the frog population so creating a suitable habitat in your garden can help re-establish local frogs and other wildlife.

The most important feature for a frog garden is creating a bush-like setting such as native grasses and ground covers, shrubs and small trees (providing protections from sun and wind and food for insects, which would then be the food for the frogs).

Most frogs will visit the water to breed, so a temporal pond made with an impermeable layer of plastic or clay with soil and vegetation can be great for breeding frogs after filled with rain water. Just make sure the hole can hold water for about 6 weeks. Don’t forget to provide perches so the newly frogs can leave the water when needed.

Once they leave the pond, they will require the shelter of rocks, leaf litter, logs and ground cover to stay in your garden.

4. Go for a family bike ride

Not only will this wear the kids out but it’s a good way to get the family to spend some time together, to bond, and away from technology. Packing a picnic to enjoy at the end can be a great incentive to finish the ride. Who doesn’t love a tasty picnic?

Family Beach day

5. Go to the beach

Seaheaven’s favourite family activity is to go to the beach for the day! The kids can spend hours making a sand castle, playing with sand and going for a swim. There are so many beautiful beaches around Australia that lists could be endless just find your closest beach and make sure you make time to spend quality time with your kids and family. You can also get into water activities such a paddle boarding. Now that Spring & Summer are fast approaching is perfect time to do it!
Hope you enjoy these activities with your family!

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